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Introducing the QUIK WALL SYSTEM for fast, hassle free, wall constructions instead of bricks, sand and cement. A revolutionary cement board made of Natural Quartz, polystyrene particles, light weight portland cement and other additives. lt will ensure high acoustic, fire ratings and is of different thicknesses to suit your requirements. The calcium silicate boards on surface ensures the waterproof, moisture proof and insect proof properties, to enhance its durability."

Advantages of Product Performances

  1. Environmental Protection
  2. Enlarge using area
  3. Moisture proof and waterproof
  4. Easy and Civilized Construction
  5. Hang Nail
  6. Fireproof
  7. Good Entirety
  8. Soundproof.
  9. Heat lnsulation and thermal insulation
  10. Light weight and Economic
  11. High effect and Short Construction Period

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